what to see in toledo

All there is to do in Toledo City will know what to see in Toledo and its main places to see in Toledo capital from this guidebook in the different sections are all places to see in Toledo.

The first monument to be seen in the Cathedral of Toledo Toledo is well worth the visit we move in and do a tour inside the Cathedral, another point to see in the Alcazar of Toledo Toledo is perhaps the most monumental building to be see capital Toledo.

Other things to do in Toledo goes through its different cultures and have shown dramatic Transito synagogue or a Christian church that we see on our visit to toledo’s Monastery San Juan de los Reyes these are only some plans and routes we can do in Toledo, if they can use the form on this guide on tourism in Toledo to find most charming corners of Toledo.

what to do in Toledo

Things to Do in Toledo The visitor can not go to Toledo without enjoying the view from the Hermitage Valley. The «Return to the Valley» is one of the most typical activities carried out many Toledo daily and more on weekends. From the Alcántara Bridge or St. Martin-you can leave your car nearby, and returning on the other, you can enjoy a magnificent ride after about fifty minutes watching one of the most photographed view of Spain. If it is at dusk or night, with lighted, is a real spectacle. And besides, it’s free.

free to visit the Cathedral of Toledo Sunday afternoon, and if you’re from Toledo, you can free up the day you want, the Campana Gorda. Worth this tour of the most important religious monument of Toledo and one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in Spain.

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